Residential Gas Delivery Service – Is It Right For You?

Many residential communities across the country, especially small residential communities, do not have access to natural gas utility lines that come directly into your home. That doesn't replace your need for gas – especially if prefer cooking or heating your home with gas in winter. If you are in an area where you cannot connect to a local natural gas utility line, you have the option of choosing a residential gas delivery service instead. For many people, it is preferable to going all-electric.

Why Is Natural Gas a Better Choice?

Natural gas is a preferred energy source across the country. These are just a few reasons a growing number of people are choosing natural gas, even if they have to choose a residential gas delivery service to get it:

  1. Burns cleaner than most other conventional fuels.
  2. Generates fewer greenhouse emissions than coal and oil.
  3. Offers an economical solution for fueling electric power generators and heating and outbuildings.
  4. Natural gas is also safer than many other energy sources.

Now that you know why natural gas is the right choice for you, it is time to shift your focus to getting the gas to your home with a residential gas delivery service in your area.

What Is the Difference Between Residential Gas Delivery and Pipeline Access?

With pipeline access to natural gas, homeowners simply "plugin" to the local pipeline and pay the utility companies for the amount of gas they use each month. The process is much different from a gas delivery service. First, you must purchase the storage equipment and are responsible for maintaining it (unless you enter into a maintenance agreement with the residential gas delivery service provider you choose).

Once you have the tank installed on your property and connected to your home, the residential gas delivery service delivers the gas to your home and transfers it to your tank. You must monitor your tank and have it refilled when it begins to run low.

Many companies offer you the option of "pay as you go" fueling or entering into a finance agreement where you pay them equal installments for several months. If you choose a maintenance plan, your residential gas delivery service is a practically painless way to warm your home throughout the year.

If you've never worked with a residential gas delivery service, it can be intimidating. However, most people find the hardest part to acclimate to is the need to call for refills before running out of gas.

To learn more about gas delivery, contact a company like L P Gas Services Inc.