2 Benefits Of Installing A Solar Water Heating System In Your House

If you have become concerned about the monthly cost of your utilities as well as your home's impact on the environment, you may have been looking into converting over to solar power to provide electricity for your house. However, solar power can also be used for other necessities, such as using a solar water heater instead of a conventional one. There are a couple of benefits of installing a solar water heating system in your house.

1.  Water Is Heated Naturally Without Contaminating It

One benefit of having a solar water heater installed in your house is that its unique way of heating the water does so naturally without contaminating it. If you have been looking into other ways of heating water, such as using the direct ways of the sun to heat pipes or a tank, the water could become contaminated with bacteria, algae, and even mold.

In contrast, with a solar water heater, solar panels are mixed with a liquid that runs through the system's lines and into the water heater. The warmed liquid heats the water without mixing with it, allowing for purer water without the risk of contamination. The cooled liquid then travels back to the solar panels to be reheated, creating a constant flow.

2.  Electricity Costs Will Significantly Decrease

Another major benefit of using a solar water heater in your home is that it can significantly decrease your electricity costs. Most of the time, the energy to run the system is drawn from the heater's dedicated solar panels, which serve to run the motor as well as heat the water.

The only time when you may need a backup power source is if the solar panels are drained because they are covered with snow or after a couple of overcast days. However, since the backup draws only a small amount of power intermittently, you will still save money on electricity.

You can further decrease this cost by carefully timing your consumption of hot water for when the solar panels are completely full. If possible, take your shower as soon as you get home in the late afternoon to ensure plenty of hot water, then wait an hour or two to wash the dishes after the panels have recharged. 

If you are searching for a way to reduce your utility costs while also decreasing your carbon footprint, you may want to consider having a solar heating system installed for your home's water. For more information about available options and the installation process, contact a company that offers solar water heaters.