Upgrading Your Home With Solar Panel Systems

When it comes to electrical upgrades for your home, the installation of new solar panels can be a major change that can significantly reduce your home's reliance on the electrical grid. While solar panels have become a far more common sight, there are many individuals that may let some myths interfere with their ability to assess this option for their homes.

Myth: Solar Panels Are Only Practical For Those Living In Arid Environments

There can be an assumption among some homeowners that installing solar panels is only a useful upgrade if a person happens to live in an arid environment due to the lack of clouds and rain. Fortunately, modern solar panel systems are not particularly impacted by routine clouds and rain. These systems will still be able to receive enough ultraviolet light during these times to produce energy for the home, which can make them a surprisingly resilient option to use.

Myth: A Solar Panel System Will Add A Lot Of Strain To The Roof

A homeowner may have concerns about adding a solar panel system to their roof due to worries about the amount of weight that it will add to this part of the home. In most cases, a residential solar panel system will not add enough weight to the roof to create problems for the home. However, if a homeowner is concerned about this potential issue or their home has an older roof, there are additional supports that can be installed. After an initial inspection and consultation, the residential solar panel system installation contractor will be able to provide you with a detailed assessment of your roof and recommend the next steps.

Myth: Solar Panel Systems Have To Completely Replace Your Home's Power Grid Connection

There is a popular misconception that solar panel systems will have to completely replace a home's connection to the power grid. For a homeowner that is interested in using solar panels to supplement their home's energy supply, there can be an understandable hesitation to avoid completely replacing the home's primary power connection. Fortunately, it is entirely possible for a home to utilize solar panel systems while still having a primary power connection. This can allow the homeowner to enjoy the energy production and reliability of the solar panels while being able to fall back to the primary power connection when the home's energy usage exceeds what the solar panel system is able to provide.

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