Getting The Grill Out?

You are probably one of the tens of millions of people in the country who uses propane every year, in one way or another.

Most people just use propane in their grills, and this is likely your situation, although propane is used in a variety of ways across the country. It is used for heat and power generation in rural areas where there's no natural gas lines, as refrigerant in RV and camper fridges, in the transport industry in several applications.

Most of the people or industries who use it in that fashion know that they can have their propane delivered to them.

Most people who only use it for grills (or other, smaller uses) likely pick it up at the store. You have seen the propane exchanges at gas stations, grocery and hardware stores. You can bring your old tank to trade for a new one, or simply buy a new one. Buying a new one is more expensive, because you get a discount if you return your old tank. 

This is probably familiar to you, because you've probably done it at some point- most people have.

What you might not know is that there are delivery services specifically for the kinds of tanks you would use for grilling. 

This is a great thing to have available. Most companies will allow you to schedule your deliveries, so you can make sure you've got a full tank before the next full barbecue. (Nothing is sadder than running out of fuel with the food only half-cooked.) And yes, many will still take your old tank in trade. 

Sure, it's convenient, but it's also safer. You may or may not have been nervous transporting your own propane, but propane does have specific needs that should be met for transportation in order to do it safely. And sometimes it's kind of nerve wracking driving around with that much, well, potential energy stored up. The delivery service does this all the time, they're experienced, and have the equipment and knowledge in order to make the transportation of such combustible gas safer. 

And with most propane delivery services, the price of having it delivered is a lot more reasonable than you might expect. The cost of delivery for many places is included in the cost of the tank- though that cost varies depending on your location, due to the availability of propane. (And, of course, the cost of delivery varies depending on which services cater to your area.)